About Us

GS-Tek is a Delawarean manufacturer of chromatography columns and accessories. We provide worldwide analytical scientists with the innovative and quality products and tools they needs from scientific fronting researches including new materials and global warming, daily duties of environmental monitoring, safety test of foods and consumables, development of pharmaceuticals and life sciences, quality control of chemicals, petroleum and energy products, to law enforcement and defense activities including forensics, drugs, explosive fuels, gases, synthetic airs chemical weapons, and others. We supply the widest ranges of chromatographic products, from columns and consumables, lab supplies, instrument spare parts to solution base instrument analyzers, as one-stop chromatography shop. We also provide services of chromatographic related separation research and development by collaborating with our customers.

Our missions:

  • Complete offer of chromatography columns, consumables, supplies, and instrument parts with better quality for better prices
  • Share our chromatography experiences with our customers to solve challenging applications and analyses with our customers
  • Build our brand and reputation with quality products, customer supports, quick deliveries, and our world-wide customer satisfactions with consistent technology improvement and innovations
  • Drive Innovation and new products for challenging applications and new analytical techniques based on our strengths of chromatography and separations
  • Serve greener and safer society with chromatography science, technology and products

Our Technology Strengths:

GS-Tek has over 25 year experiences in surface modifications and capillary coating technologies.  GS-Tek synthetizes the stationary phases in-house to ensure low column thermal stability (column bleed or phase degradation), low activities and right column polarities toward column equivalency to other brand columns. GS-Tek maintains high standard and rigorous manufacturer specifications to provide high quality products to our worldwide customers.  GS-Tek knows how to design a column to improve or simplify the separations of a complex and difficult sample.  GS-Tek understands customer application needs and often recommends right solution to them. GS-Tek is willing to work customers with cost effectiveness and on-time delivery of customer-made products.

Our Marketing and Sales:

GS-Tek is doing marketing and sales by e-commerce and distributors all over the world. Our online order platforms including gs-tek store in www.gs-tek.com and Amazon are open to world-wide customers and buyers 7×24. Our international distributors work with our customers directly with knowledge, personal relationship, competitive prices and quality services. Owed continuing trust and supports from our international distributors, GS-Tek becomes visible in international market quickly, for it GS-Tek is sincerely appreciate.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you will benefit from our webpages, knowledges, cutting-edge technologies, cost-effective products, and tech support.  We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

History of GS-Tek

GS-Tek started manufacturing business in 2009, with the founder of  Dr. Zack Ji and an office employee, in a small garage type room located at Delaware industrial park, Newark, DE USA. His short term business vision was to make columns to survive financial harsh from his laid-off with the experiences of GC column technology developer and customer supporter from his previous career in a major brand instrument company. On Day One GS-Tek manufacturing setup, GS-Tek received order from one international dealer.  This encourages him with customer trust, customer needs of best value products, and international delivery to continue his chromatography column business to serve world-wide customers, in attempt to reproduce an early HP like legend. Today GS-Tek has increased its worker forces in production, R&D, Order fulfillment, administration and marketing and sales from college graduates with hardworking and consciousness of substantial business growing, and developed its world-wide distribution channels in over 40 countries in China, India, South East Pacific region, Europeans countries, Middle-East and Africa, North and South America.

In not very long business journey, GS-Tek have received governmental recognitions including 2014 USA President Award for outstanding export business, featured manufacturer in 2015 USA trade book, two times of attending the White House Economic Policy Meeting. Senator Carper from Delaware visited GS-Tek in 2014, Senator Coons from Delaware sent his staff to learn about GS-Tek international business, Both US department of commerce and Delaware state government agents and legislative representatives provide consistent encouragement, assistances and supports to GS-Tek’s trade activities.

Our continuing success highly depends on our employees to deliver quality and accurate products and services to our worldwide customer so to win their trust and loyalty. All employees are dedicating to their daily jobs done in quality and efficiency to reduce our manufacturing cost in order to continue provide best value products to our customers. Additionally, GS-Tek encourages all employees to develop them with motivations to become significant business contributors, career move-up, and becomes truly chromatography specialist and expert for better serving our customers.

Location & Facility

625 Dawson Drive

Newark, DE 19713


Phone: 1-302-533-5646

Fax: 1-302-737-4547

Email: info@gs-tek.com

Website: www.gs-tek.com

Awards & Honors:

  1. 2014 USA President E-Award recipient
  2. Feature manufacturer company in 2015 USA trade book
  3. Nominee of 2014 Delaware excellent Small business manufacturers
  4. Attended the White House Economic policy conferences in 2014, 2015, and 2016