J10242017 – Environmental Scientist/ Specialist

A chemical company in Newark Delaware seeks for an Environmental Scientist/ Specialist. Job duties include:

  1. Perform Gas Chromatography (GC) operations of various brands such as Agilent and Shimadzu, including GS-Tek GC column quality control test based on SOP, customer sample analyses, sample preparation, and analysis report with data interpretation;
  2. Develop analytical methods with GS-Tek GC columns and other products with samples of environmental, food/consumable products, and petroleum/petroechemical, based on the existing standard methods including sample preparations or develop new analytical methods by using various sampling introduction techniques including gas sampling valves, liquid injections, head space and thermal desorption for product demonstrations and applications;
  3. Perform maintenance, troubleshooting and repair to analytical equipment and instruments of various brands such as Shimadzu, Agilent, document maintenance, calibration and repairs;
  4. Write application notes with GS-Tek columns and other products with competitive analysis based on regulations/test standards, document product applications based on products and industry applications. In-house/customer tech-resources of GC analyses of environmental standards and regulations;
  5. Communicate with worldwide customers by phone/email/customer visit/trade show to provide product support and troubleshooting;
  6. Provide support for order fulfillment, facility maintenance, and other production operations.

Minimum requirements: Bachelor’s degree in environmental science or chemistry with 60 months of experience in Gas Chromatography (GC) operations and GC instrument installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. Must be fluent in Chinese. Employer will consider any suitable combination of education, training and experience.


Send resume to: Angela Wang, GS-Tek, 625 Dawson Drive, Ste A, Newark, DE 19713. No phone call or uninvited visit.