Delaware Senator, Lieutenant Governor Candidate, Bethany Hall-Long Visit GS-Tek, Help Delaware Businesses Thrive

Sep. 1st, 2016, Thursday,

Delaware Senator, lieutenant governor candidate, Bethany Hall-Long visit GS-Tek, introduced her economic plan and showed great interests in helping develop small technologies organizations.

To unveil her jobs and education plans, Sen. Bethany is doing a tour of some Newark businesses to highlight their successes, the importance of a strong education system to our workforce, and what Delaware can be doing to help its businesses thrive.

During the visit, she was very impressed by GS-Tek, asked many technique questions and visited production department to learn how an outstanding GC column is made.

GS-Tek is impressed by her political sagacious and amiable. We believe she can achieve her plan to help Delaware business, Delaware people and the United State thrive.