Bonna-Agela’s Durashell column has a pH range of 1.5-12.0. Different from the current marketed products that also can be used at high pH, Durashell’s stationary phase is made with a dentrimer technology followed by molecular modifcations. Bonna-Agela’s technology produces a strong hydrophobic protection layer over the silica surface allowing the columns to be used at extremely high and low pH. This technology also reduces excessive hydrophobic interactions between the stationary phase and the compounds, and yet maintains great interfacial kinetics for high efficienc. A line of stationary phases include C18, C8, Phenyl and NH2.

Characteristics: Metal Impurity<30ppm; Pore Size 100Å;

Specific: SurfaceArea: 380m2/g;

Available Particle Size: 5µm, 10µm Main


● Wide pH range (1.5-12.0)

● Minimal silanol activity

● Better efficiency than many other high pH compatible column

● High loading capacity for basic compounds for preparative applications

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