Venusil XBP columns have the maximum bonding density therefore the highest hydrophobicity (the lowest polarity). This allows for the least interaction between the analytes and the silanol groups. Venusil XBP columns have extraordinary column stability at high pHs.

Pore size: 100Å, 300 Å; Specific surface: 380 m2/g, 45m2/g; Purity > 99.999%;

1) Inertness: one of most base-friendly columns.

2) Efficiency: excellent at any applicable pH.

3) Large volume injection: maintain very high efficiency with very large injection volumes.

4) Broad pH range (1.5 – 10.0 ): low pH, 0.2 % TFA; high pH, 0.010 M triethylamine.

Other Venusil XBP Columns: A complete line of stationary phases include C8, C4, C1, NH2, Phenyl, CN, Silica, SCX, SAX;