Venusil XBP C18 (2) column packing material is made with ultra pure silica. The silica surface is processed with Bonna-Agela’s patented surface deactivation technology, followed by a unique bonding process that can reduce the carbon content while maintaining a uniform bonding coverage. The Venusil XBP C18 column does not have excessive retention for highly hydrophobic compounds, and it is great for the separation of acidic, basic, and neutral compounds. Moreover, this column also has superb resolution power for isomers. The perfect peak symmetry offered by this RP column makes it a great first-choice for HPLC method development.

Universal, Highly Inert C18 Columns

• Balanced hydrophobic adsorption which results in a broader suitability

• Stronger separation power for isomers

• Great column-to-column and batch-to-batch reproducibility

• Perfect symmetry for basic, acidic and neutral compounds