GsBP-Bio-Ethanol Application Note  10/12/2016

New Phase Applications

Application of GsBP Wax-AQ GC Columns  10/05/2016

New Phase Introduction

Gasoline on 9006-PONA Column  10/16/2015

Detailed gasoline applications

Refinery Gas Fast Analysis with GsBP-PLOT Columns  10/16/2015

GsBP-FRGA, 30m x 0.53mm (Cat. No.: 98053-3000A) separates C1 to C6 within 5 mins

FAST Separations of Refinery Gas

8253-3000 GsBP-PLOT Al2O3, 30m x 0.53mm separates C1 to C6 within 7min

GsBP- GC Column Overview

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Comparison of GsBP to JW columns

By application comparison

Cross-reference by Phases

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GC Column Catalog

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FAME Application Chromatogram

chromatogram of 37components FAME sample

18 PAHs Separations

Baseline Separations of 18 PAHs on a GsBP-5MS column

Separations of Alcohols from Light Hydrocarbons

1st Complete baseline separations at 40c or higher, powerful column for gasoline blended with alcohols

Natural Gas Analyzer

One year performance guaranteed

Acetone in Ethanol

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GC Column Brochure

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Chinese Column Brochure

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VOC/Residue Solvent Applications

Excellent column inertness, low bleed and adequate selectivity to improve your result

PONA Columns

One year performance guaranteed


Applications demanding column separation with high efficiency, column inertness, low column bleed and fine tuned column selectivity