Gs-Tek welcomes partnerships from end-user customers and industrial companies. Our technical strengths in chromatography separations and analyses can be available to you at a highly competitive price point and with rapid production development.

Partnership Areas

  • OEM
  • Column customization and development
  • On-site training for chromatography and general lab equipment
  • Method development focusing on gas chromatography such as PFAS and natural products
  • Chromatography data analysis
  • Sample preparations including isolations, extractions, and concentrations
  • Sampling automation
  • Online and atline sampling technique development and customization
  • Lab setup consultation

Our Expertise

GS-Tek has worked for many years on a number of analytical instruments for its regular manufacturing chromatography columns and related products. GS-Tek has highly capable engineers with experience in instrument design, manufacturing, installation and servicing. GS-Tek also develops many new chromatography column applications with innovative sampling, sample preparation, and detection techniques. GS-Tek is eager to share our chromatography expertise as we strive to support our global customers for an extremely wide range of applications. We deeply understand the science and technology of chromatography.

Reach us by phone: 302-388-0843 or email: for your instrument service need discussions.