GS-Tek is a lead manufacturer of chromatography columns and analytical solution base analyzers in Delaware, USA. We provide our customers with a wide range of quality products including chromatographic columns, consumables, supplies, and solution base analytical instruments to meet our customer’s needs. We work with our customers on the base of collaboration/partnership to develop new analytical technology/solution and to improve customer’s existing analytical results with our many years of expertise and practices in chromatography. We offer quick and result driven analytical instrument servicing and maintenance to needy customers. We do innovations on expanding demands in analytical science.

Our worldwide customers include analytical chemists, lab technicians, quality control personnel, and researchers from a variety of application sectors such as petroleum and petrochemicals, pharmaceutical and life sciences, environmental protection, agriculture, food and beverage, healthcare and consumables, law enforcement, new materials research and development, new energy, and more. We conduct international marketing, sales and tech support through our worldwide distribution channels. We are international.


GS-Tek was founded in 2009 in Newark, Delaware, USA, to manufacture a wide range of high-quality gas chromatography columns, including both capillary and packed columns. GS-Tek’s founder, Dr. Zack Ji, a large company layout, spent 15 years as the lead product developer and technical expert at a well-known chromatography column manufacturer before embarking on the GS-Tek startup journey. From his over 30 years R&D and business practices, Dr. Zack Ji has had in-depth product development experience and expertise in chromatography and separations, analytical instrument including mass spectrometry, biological sample isolations and purifications, and business venture. He has been known as one of tech gurus in chromatography communities.

Since its inception, GS-Tek’s vision and its source of success as a startup has been to serve the global market by offering high-quality and equivalent-performance columns to customers for good result driven product values. Now with over 12 years making that vision into a reality, GS-Tek is expanding its product offerings from chromatography columns to consumables and supplies, to solution base analyzers, and to cutting edge product/technology development. This product expansion is driven by our conviction that we deeply know the chromatographic columns and their separations. We believe it is our mission to provide our customers with the right products and technologies they need to carry out their analysis, improve their results, help them to solve their analysis problems and meet all their related needs. As chromatography technology becomes more and more important in our society and life that demand sustainably safer, greener and healthier, this mission grows more urgent.


  • Offer our customers a complete suite of chromatography columns, consumables, supplies, and instrument parts with better quality for better prices
  • Share our chromatography expertise with customers to solve their challenging applications and analyses, or to improve their existing results as needed
  • Build a trusted brand and global reputation with wide ranges of quality products, result-driven customer supports, quick product and servicing worldwide delivery, and 100% customer satisfactions
  • Drive innovation and new product development for challenging chromatography and separation applications, new analytical techniques, and new analytical instrument
  • Improve environmental protection and enable the transition to a green economy using our expertise and products. Such areas include new energy development, carbon re-use, air/water monitoring, and others

GS-Tek’s Strengths

GS-Tek has over 30 years of experience in product development, manufacturing, and application of chromatography column technology. Our strengths include:

  • Knowledge of customer application needs so that we are able to provide customers with the right products for a better price. We have over 4,000 products.
  • Advanced manufacturing technologies including stationary phase design, column preparations, and rigorous quality control.
  • Innovative separation and instrumentation lead to simple, rapid, and reliable analysis
  • Hands-on practical experience, expertise and broad knowledges in sample preparation, separation, instrument configuration and design, software, and data analysis.
  • Customer driven international marketing through expanding distribution channels.


Partnership Areas

  • OEM/Private Label
  • Column customization and development
  • On-site training for chromatography and general lab equipment
  • Method development focusing on gas chromatography such as PFAS and natural products
  • Chromatography data analysis
  • Sample preparations including isolations, extractions, and concentrations
  • Sampling automation
  • Online and atline sampling technique development and customization
  • Lab setup consultation

Marketing and Sales

GS-Tek conducts international marketing and sales through worldwide distribution channels in many countries. GS-Tek is sincerely grateful its loyal international distributor partners.  GS-Tek continue welcoming new distributors interested in introducing GS-Tek to its local markets and build a trusted brand name for long term relationships with partners and customers. GS-Tek offers private label (OEM) products for industrial partnership with very good prices and quick deliveries.

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GS-Tek is growing its business internationally. GS-Tek is actively seeking for hardworking and ambitious people to join GS-Tek and work with us grow our business to the next level. Advance your career and make our success your own with challenging and rewarding.

GS-Tek currently has the following job openings:

  • Production Technician
  • Instrument Service Technician
  • Analytical Chemist (R&D)
  • Business Development Manager
  • E-Commerce Specialist

GS-Tek is also seeking manufacturer representatives to join our USA marketing and sales team.

For more info, please contact

Awards and Honors

Over its short business venturing journey achieved by team’s hardworking, GS-Tek has earned several award and honors:

  • GS-Tek is a proud recipient of USA President E-awards (2014)
  • GS-Tek was listed as an innovative American international manufacturer in a United States federal government trade book (2015)
  • GS-Tek is a grateful recipient of multiple STEP funding grants from the U.S. Department of Commerce and Delaware Export Service since 2010
  • GS-Tek has been featured several times in Delaware Export Services, local business organizations and Chinese communities since 2012