Life Sciences/Pharmaceutical

In the fields of pharmaceutical production control, small molecule medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical research and development, and pharmacokinetics research, GC is one of the most commonly used analytical testing technologies. For analysis of more complex samples, advanced analytical equipment such as high-end GC, HS-GC and HS-GC-MSD will be used. GC columns in such analyses will have similarly high requirements as a result. Laboratories not only require chromatographic columns to be able to complete separations according to the method being used, but also need to strictly evaluate other key product factors such as the inertness and column loss indicators of the chromatographic column. Based on years of market experience and user feedback, GS-Tek has prepared a comprehensive list of recommendations for the selection of columns in the life sciences/pharmaceutical field.

Petroleum and Petrochemical

In the petroleum and petrochemical industry, GC testing equipment is widely used for important and highly complex analytical applications. Selecting the appropriate columns for this work is a crucial. In order to maintain high quality control and environmental protection standards, high-quality and highly inert chromatographic column products are recommended. With years of innovative manufacturing technology and petrochemical industry experience, GS-Tek can provide efficient and comprehensive solutions for your GC analysis needs in this field.

Food and Beverage Industry

For the food and beverage industry, contamination in the production process is a necessary critical control point (CCP). Impurities in consumable food and beverages are a major source of public health concerns. Faced with increasingly strict food safety regulations, production and inspection personnel will be under pressure to follow0 higher quality control standards. Selecting the appropriate column product for the application method used is therefore also a key control point that determines the accuracy of detection results. On this page we have a number of recommended chromatographic column products corresponding to selected application methods. If the products you need are not among them, please contact us. We will provide you with the most complete technical solutions and solutions.

Legal and Forensics Applications

In the field of criminal investigation and legal identity verification, GC is one of the most commonly used analytical techniques. It is often used to analyze and detect prohibited substances remaining in body fluids, targets in blood or other court exhibits, and leftovers/residues at suspected crime scenes. GS-Tek’s superior-quality chromatographic column products are also highly suitable for experimental applications in this field.

Environmental Protection

Growing social awareness of the climate crisis and rising public demand for environmental protection is increasingly a fact of life in the 21st century, and with that comes the arrival of higher and higher environmental protection standards. Whether in the analysis of organic pollutants, the detection of chemical residues, or other applications, GS-Tek can provide the high-inertness, ultra-low loss, and high-quality GC column products that are best suited to your laboratory needs.

Chemicals & Research

GC analysis is a critical and important technique in the field of Chemistry. The determination of some chemical compounds, such as acetone, phenol, ethanol, acetonitrile is important in the manufacturing quality control. The research for inertness and repeatability of columns are also significant.