Instrument Services

GS-Tek provides our customers with quick and reliable maintenance servicing and repair for both analytical instruments and general lab equipment.

Analytical Laboratory Services:

• On-site local repair within 48 hours of request
• Preventative maintenance by contract or on-demand
• Reconfiguration or upgrade of existing analytical instrument to expand its capabilities
• Instrument relocation, installation, and verification
• General service contract agreement

GS-Tek guarantees that our parts come from authentic suppliers only. GS-Tek uses multiple brands including Agilent, Shimadzu, Waters, Perkin Elmer, and Thermo.

GS-Tek also offers customized equipment and devices to expand your analytical capabilities. Available equipment includes sampling devices, sample preparation stations, vacuum pumps and vacuum systems, gas management, liquid handler, and general lab equipment. GS-Tek has worked with various gas-liquid samples under extreme conditions such as high temperatures and high pressures to achieve reliable, reproducible and accurate analytical results.

GS-Tek provides free consultation for analytical laboratory design, setup and relocation process with its working experiences and thrift operations.

GS-Tek’s Differences

• Quality service done with satisfaction guaranteed
• Rapid response time
• Competitive labor rate
• Discount for supplies and consumables
• Free consultation for method development and result improvement
• Complementary 1-1 training to improve your hands-on chromatography operation and maintenance skills
• Ongoing collaborations after service

Our Expertise and Credibility

GS-Tek has worked for many years on a number of analytical instruments for its regular manufacturing chromatography columns and solution base analyzers. GS-Tek conducts its in-house instrument maintenance and repair to prevent production disruption by our highly capable and experienced engineers, each of whom has experience in instrument design, manufacturing, installation and servicing. GS-Tek also develops many new chromatography column applications with innovative sampling and detection techniques and customized devices. GS-Tek supports its worldwide customers with practical troubleshooting and method recommendation including instrument configuration. We deeply understand the science and technology of chromatography. We keenly learn your needs and come up with a quick and practically workable solution for YOU.

Reach us by phone: 302-388-0843 or email: to discuss your instrument service needs and our solutions.