Consumables & Supplies

Using consumables and supplies of the correct quality is a crucial part of producing reliable chromatography analysis results. Over the years, consumables and supplies parts have evolved and changed, while at the same time end users may experience document issues such as incomplete records, errors, or carry-over mistakes. The evolution of both documentation and the products themselves can make it more difficult to select the right consumables or replace existing instrument parts.

GS-Tek offers a wide range of consumables used for chromatography instruments and sample preparation. GS-Tek carefully selects these consumables based both on our expertise and the reputation of manufacturers in order ensure the peace of mind of our chromatography customers.

Instrument specific supplies

Common GC instrument-specific supplies include column ferrules, liners for sample gasification, inlet seals (septa and metal seal), jets/nuts, micro-liter syringes and sample vials. Among these, liners are the most important component affecting chromatography results. Properly selecting microliter syringes will also help produce consistent results. Malfunctions of inlet septa and jets are the root cause of many issues with chromatography accuracy and reliability.

General supplies for Gas Connection

In addition of instrumental suppliers, we also offer general supplies for gas connection, which plays a significant role in instrument maintenance and troubleshooting. Gas chromatographs contain a large number and variety of fittings, tubing, and connections, all of which must be properly assembled, tightened, and leak-free if the system is to perform at its best.

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Besides, Gs-tek also provide gas flow meter, Tedlar® Gas Sampling Bags, Gas sampling switching valves, Gas sampling switching valves, Rotor and Seals and other gas connection/sample management accessoriesPlease free feel to contact us for more information.