GS-Tek offers a variety of ferrules for many GC brands. Ferrule materials include graphite, vespel and PTFE. Graphite ferrules are commonly used in GC instrumentation. Vespel/graphite ferrules are typically used for GC-MSD. PTFE ferrules are typically used for gas connections at ambient temperatures.

Ferrules are typically used in the hot sealing of columns, inlets and detectors, and they can also be used for gas connections. Ferrules are made of graphite, Vespel™, metal and PTFE materials. Ferrule dimensions are outside diameter (OD), internal diameter (ID), and length. V/G ferrules are often used for low bleed need application such as GC-MSD. To ensure seal reliability, V/G ferrules are single-use components. Graphite ferrules are used for a general GC application and can be reused a small number of times. Vespel ferrules are used for hard sealing, and PFTE are used for general connection at low temperatures (below 150℃).

Temperature limit of Ferrules

MaterialTemperature limit
Graphite no binder400℃

Typical Product:

C02124201/4″ to 1/8″ Vespel Ferrule (10pk)Product Detail & Order
C02124101/4″ to 1/16″ Vespel Ferrule (10pk)Product Detail & Order
C02124001/4″ Vespel Ferrule (10pk)Product Detail & Order
C02124061/4″ to 6 mm Vespel Ferrule (10pk)Product Detail & Order
C02122281/8″ to 0.8 mm, 2 Hole Vespel Ferrule (10pk)Product Detail & Order