Silicone-based septa are typically used for both GC inlet seals and sample introduction. They have a centered hole for guiding the syringe needle. Quality and performance of septa have a direct effect on application results (reliability and accuracy), column lifetime and instrument condition. A good practice is to check and change septa as often as needed.

● Septa are made of two different processed silicone material: Advance Green (AG) and Bleed and Temperature Optimized (BTO). BTO temperature limit is 400.C, and AG temperature limit is 350.C. Both are preconditioned and ready to use.

● Packaged in a glass jar. Septa are offered in different sizes depending on the GC instrument configurations. Check the GC instrumentation specifications for details.

Typical product:

C0230697GC Inlet Septa Puresep T 1/2″ (12.7 mm) (50pk)Product Detail & Order
C0230695GC Inlet Septa Puresep T 1/2″ (12.7 mm) (50pk)Product Detail & Order
C0298777GC Inlet Septa BTO 11.5 mm CenterGuide (50pk)Product Detail & Order
C0298745GC Inlet Septa BTO 10 mm (50pk)Product Detail & Order
C0234115GC Inlet Economy Blue Septa 7/16″, 11 mm (100pk)Product Detail & Order