HP/Agilent auto-samplers use standard size 10μL syringes with cemented needle syringes. Needles are cemented into the glass syringe barrel at a point corresponding to the zero graduation mark. Syringes are generally not autoclavable, but these are autoclavable when disassembled. Different brands of autosampler use different needle lengths and plunge headers. Popular needles are 23/26 gauge, or 0.63/0.47mm OD, and 2inch or 50mm length.  Please consult your instrument’s manual.

The volume of microliter syringes for GC is often less than 10ul. Larger volume syringes can be for special autosamplers such as CTC or large gas sample injections. HPLC uses 25ul or larger volume syringes.

GS-Tek offers a broad range of microliter syringes for several autosampler brands. Please use our syringe filter to quickly find the appropriate syringe for your needs. We also offer removable needle syringes which are autoclavable when disassembled. These manual syringes can be used for Shimadzu autosampler, and manual injections for gas samples and HPLC.

Typical product:

AG5181-1267Syringe, 10ul tapered, FN 23-26s/42/HPProduct Detail & Order
AG5182-9734Syringe 10ul, FN, 23ga., pt.HPProduct Detail & Order
AG5190-1515Syringe, 250 uL, FN, LC tipProduct Detail & Order
AG8004-0001Syringe 10ul FN 26/50/bevel V-BProduct Detail & Order
SG0085022.5MDF-GT 2.5ML SYRINGEProduct Detail & Order