GsBP-VMS, GsBP-FVOC and GsBP-502.2

Great columns have an effective operating temperature range of -60 to 280°C and are specifically engineered for U.S. EPA Methods 502.2, 8260 and other VOCs analysis. The bonded and cross-linked columns also produce high quality peak shapes and can be widely used in applications involving analysis of volatile organics, volatile aromatic and unsaturated hydrocarbons.

  • GsBP-VMS columns are application-specific columns for volatile organic pollutants by GC/MS. They offer lower bleed, better selectivity, and overall faster analysis for separating volatile organic compounds, such as those listed in US EPA Method 8260.
  • GsBP-FVOC columns are special version for fast VOC separations (FVOC), 1/3 conventional analysis time.
  • GsBP-502.2 columns are used for the analysis of volatiles by U.S. EPA method 502.2.

Similar phase: DB-502.2, DB-VRX, Rtx-VRX, Rtx-VMS, Rtx-502.2

Typical Applications: Alcohols, FAME, Gasoline, Halogenated Hydeocarbons, Nitrogen Based Solvents II, Residual Solvents, USP 467, Residue Solvents, Volatile Amines, Volatile Petroleum Hydrocarbons (VPH), Volatile Sulfurs

Most Popular Columns:

6353-3030GS-Tek GC Column: GsBP-502.2 60m x 0.53mm x 3.00umProduct Detail & Order
6425-3014GS-Tek GC Column: GsBP-VMS Low Bleed 30m x 0.25mm x 1.40umProduct Detail & Order
6425-6014 GS-Tek GC Column: GsBP-VMS Low Bleed 60m x 0.25mm x 1.40umProduct Detail & Order
6518-2003 GS-Tek GC Column: GsBP-FVOC 20m x 0.18mm x 0.33umProduct Detail & Order