Ideal column for complete separations of C1 to C5 light hydrocarbons, CFCs

  • Porous Al2O3, modified by Na2MoO4 salt
  • Good separations of olefins C2 to C5, less absorption of propadiene
  • Modest moisture effect on acetylene/propadiene retention time shifting

Similar Phases: HP-PLOT/Al2O3 “M”, GS-Alumina

Typical Applications: Refinery gas, CFCs, C1 to C5

Typical Columns:

8353-5015, GS-Tek GC Column, GsBP-PLOT Al2O3 “M”, 50m x 0.53mm x 15.0um

  • Cross-referenced cat no.:19095P-M25   
  • Used for light hydrocarbons C1 to C5s
  • Featured Benefits: cost effective, guaranteed baseline separations of olefins from paraffin, excellent particle binding

Most Popular Columns:

8332-5008GS-Tek GC Column: GsBP-PLOT Al, M, 50m x 0.32mm x 8.0um Product Detail & Order
8353-5015GS-Tek GC Column: GsBP-PLOT Al, M, 50m x 0.53mm x 15.0um Product Detail & Order