Good column for natural gas, refinery gases, chemical weapon gas, CFCs, sulfurs, amines

  • Porous divinylbenzene polymer
  • Excellent immobilized, rinse-able with volatile solvents
  • Complete dimensions and film thicknesses
  • Highest temperature limit and lowest column bleed
  • Good separations of volatile sulfurs, CO2, oxygenate solvent vapors from light hydrocarbon C1 to C4 stream

Similar Phases: HP-PLOT Q, GS-Q, CP-PoraPLOT Q, Rtx-Q, Rtx-QS

Typical Applications: Air, Carbon Monoxide, Methane, Carbon Dioxide Hydrocarbon Gases Oxygenates,alcohols

Typical Columns:

8653-3030, GS-Tek GC Column, GsBP-PLOT Q, 30m x 0.53mm x 30.0um           

  • Cross-referenced cat no.:19095P-QO4, CP7559, CP7354
  • Popular choice for CO2, H2O and Sulfurs in gas stream samples
  • Featured Benefits: Improved particle binding and column inertness for trace analysis, decreased analysis time without separation loss

Most Popular Columns:

8632-3015GS-Tek GC Column: GsBP-PLOT Q, 30m x 0.32mm x 15.0um Product Detail & Order
8632-5005GS-Tek GC Column: GsBP-PLOT Q, 50m x 0.32mm x 5.0um Product Detail & Order
8653-3030GS-Tek GC Column: GsBP-PLOT Q, 30m x 0.53mm x 30.0um Product Detail & Order
8632-1510GS-Tek GC Column: GsBP-PLOT Q, 15m x 0.32mm x 10.0um Product Detail & Order
8653-1520GS-Tek GC Column: GsBP-PLOT Q, 15m x 0.53mm x 20.0um Product Detail & Order